Shawnee Campsite

Shawnee is a great medium to large-sized unit site set back in a wooded grove above the Youth Showers. The site offers a bit more protection from the wind and sun than other sites and is great for when the weather is hot or rainy. Your group will like the proximity to the center of camp and being able to retreat into a shady shelter of the site.

Site Capacity: For medium to larger sized units
Special Features: Wooded grove on the hill above the Youth Showers
Latrine type: Classic pit-style latrine

Site Specifics

Shawnee in the Summer features:

  • 16 or 17 2-man platforms with tents
  • 2 metal framed cots with mattresses in each tent.
  • Program tarp & Dining Fly
  • 2 Picnic Tables
  • Large, open center area yielding a good amount of sunshine during the day.
  • Adirondack-style shelter
  • Has it's own latrine and washstand.

Fall, Winter, and Spring features:

  • Platforms remain in place and may be used with your own tents.
  • Water generally at site from mid-May to late October.
  • Usually accessible during the winter

Location of Campsite in Camp

Location of Shawnee Campsite in camp.

Campsite Layout

Campsite Layout

Site Gallery

Site Access

Site is on the road that veers uphill just after the Youth Showers and can be easily accessed by most vehicles. There is room enough for two or three vehicles to be left at the site. A trailer can easily be towed to and maneuvered into the site. Also another good site if you need handicap access. Site is a 5-minute walk downhill to the Dining Hall.

Other Points of INterest

  • Located just off the COPE Road
  • Youth Showers and Pump House are the closest buildings to the site


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